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Pillar to Post Ultimate Home Inspection

The Ultimate Home InspectionSM

Our Home Inspection Packages offer more advanced features than ever. Get to closings faster and delight your clients!


Plan Now For Spring Maintenance

Spring is coming your way! Plan ahead for routine spring home maintenance, including these recommendations:

  • Clean debris from gutters and downspouts.
  • Check walkway and patio surfaces for cracks, loose bricks or damaged pavers and have them repaired.
  • Look for damaged tree limbs and branches around your property and have a qualified professional address any big problems.
  • Inspect wood, stucco and other types of siding and have damaged areas repaired and repainted for lasting protection.
  • Check the caulk around windows and doors and correct any problem areas.
  • Fix tears or holes in window screens and clean them before reinstalling.
Pillar To Post Maintenance

Keeping your home in good condition saves money in the long run and helps protect your investment, too.

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The Ultimate Home InspectionSM

Pillar To Post

“Pillar To Post is the most thorough and engaging inspection experience we have had. The 3D record will help us plan to move in, and the appliance records in our PTPHomeManual will last us long after the closing.”

Pillar To Post

“Quick response time. A very thorough inspection with photos, a binder and explanations of each issue. The PTP360 video walk through is amazing! I love that we have everything we need to make improvements and keep accurate updates of our home moving forward. A+.”

“Pillar To Post was extremely thorough in their inspection and provided quality, easy-to-understand feedback, which I greatly appreciated as a first time home buyer. PTP360, the detailed PTPFloorPlan and list of repairs were extremely useful as we prepared to move in. I highly recommend using their services.”

Pillar To Post

“Our inspector was amazing. He was very thorough throughout the entire process and so communicative. The PTPFloorPlan and PTPHomeManual are useful and awesome!”

Pillar To Post

“Very thorough. Explained all findings. Really liked the thermal imaging, PTPFloorPlan, and interactive Visual Summary. Would recommend to others looking to have a thorough inspection.”

“As a new homeowner, I now have confidence in my home and the tools to keep it in great shape for the future. Our inspector was kind, professional, and explained everything to me in a way I could understand. He was patient and helpful with all my questions.”

Pillar To Post

“We were able to request a no-cost third-party estimate for recommended repairs called out in our report. I don’t know of any other inspection company offering anything like PTPEstimates.”

Pillar To Post Reviews

Technology coupled with deep knowledge allows us to provide an exceptional home inspection with unique and innovative features, all delivered within a seamless brand experience. This experience, and the people who deliver it, has made Pillar To Post North America’s largest home inspection company.


Tips For Better Indoor Air Quality

Pollutants, allergens and other irritants accumulate and thrive indoors, possibly harming health. Here are
some ways to improve indoor air quality while increasing comfort and well-being.


High humidity is one of the main contributors to mold and dust mite growth, both of which adversely affect indoor air quality. Keeping indoor relative humidity (RH) below 50% will help prevent further infestation, although once mold gets established it can continue to grow even at lower humidity levels. Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms, make sure the dryer is properly vented to the outdoors, and address any leaks or condensation issues. A dehumidifier can help in typically humid locations such as basements.


Dust can contain pollen, mold spores, lint, animal dander, bacteria and more---yuck! While it’s impossible to completely rid a home of dust, there are ways to help control it. Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter that traps small particulate matter. Change or clean the furnace filter regularly, according to manufacturer’s instructions. High-quality furnace filters are more expensive than ordinary types, but are more effective at filtering dust, pet hair, and other particles.


Open doors and windows whenever possible. Your home will have better air circulation you’ll enjoy the fresh air.


Select cleaning products with environmentally friendly formulations. Many of these household cleaners and detergents do an equal or better job than their conventional counterparts. Dispose of old paint, pesticides, solvents and other products so they don’t leak fumes into your home. Check local requirements for proper disposal.

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