Getting that spring to-do list underway may seem daunting. But tackling these projects will help homeowners get their property in shape and help protect their investment. Here are our top tips to get started:
  1. Clear accumulated debris from gutters and make sure downspouts flow freely and direct water away from the foundation. Improper drainage can allow water into the crawl space or basement.
  1. Check siding and trim for cracks, peeling or chipped paint, and general wear and tear. Have damaged areas repaired and repainted as needed for lasting protection.
  1. Inspect patios and walkways for cracks and any loose bricks or pavers. These are tripping hazards that need to be corrected promptly.
  1. Clean window screens and repair any damaged areas. Replace the screen material completely if damage is extensive or the screen isn’t holding up to the elements.
  1. Look around the property for damaged tree limbs and branches. If a large tree appears to be damaged, stay safe and call a professional to address any issues.
  1. Inspect the irrigation system and fix any broken sprinkler heads and emitters. Also check for overspray and adjust the system to prevent water waste.

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